Reflection: highly acclaimed as a "masterpiece" by fellow basenji fanciers, this article is regarding the importance of native African stock, as published in the April/May/June 2007 BCOA Bulletin. Special thanks to Eunice Ockerman for the professional layout of this article.

Thinking: The truth of the matter is:  No matter how many facts are presented, no matter how strong an argument for or against, some people will never see the forest for the trees.

Try your hand at distinguishing between native Avongara stock and domestic stock. Play here.

Out of Africa...........literally.  When Jon Curby (Kibushi Basenji), Michael Work (Sirius Basenji), Damara Bolté (Reveille Basenji) and Stan Carter, DVM (Silvercreek Basenji) returned from their trips to Africa in 1987 and 1988 they brought back a total of twenty-one full African basenjis bearing the Avongara prefix.  Avongara is a chieftain tribe in Africa and is used by the breed fancy to identify those basenjis that are of 100% African descent.  Ideally only those basenjis bred from Avongara x Avongara stock should bear this name as it makes tracking the 100% full Africans much easier.  Unfortunately, a few people have chosen to ignore this custom and have included Avongara when registering their mostly American bred basenjis.

Thirteen of those original twenty-one imports, along with a bitch named Esenjo who arrived separately in 1978, were selected by members of the Basenji Club of America (BCOA) to be registered with the AKC. To be successful, the AKC had to open their 'forever closed' stud book - a true once in a lifetime opportunity.

Following is an excerpt from the July/August/September 1990 BCOA Bulletin regarding the inclusion of these animals.

"New Foundation Stock: African Imports Registered by the AKC in June 1990.

Following are the photos and information on the fourteen African imports submitted to the Board of Directors of the Basenji Club of America for approval prior to requesting their inclusion in the American Kennel Club Stud Book for Basenjis.

Per letter dated June 29, 1990 from Mr. James R. Crowley to Ms. Shirley J. Jones, these fourteen dogs were registered with the American Kennel Club as foundation stock.   At the same time, the AKC also processed several litter applications, with one of these dogs being listed as the sire and/or dam.  Mr. Crowley notes that this was a one time accommodation, and they consider the AKC Stud Book for the breed to be again closed to any dogs that do not meet AKC established registration requirements."

The 14 basenjis that make up our 1990 foundation stock direct from the wilds of native Africa are:

The BCOA developed a committee of members for the sole purpose of compiling any and all information pertaining to these recent imports as it became available.  In 1998 this committee published a reference book entitled "African Stock Project" which is an in depth look at not only the recent African imports but those African basenjis that make up our original gene pool.  This book was described as: "....a valuable resource. It separates fact from fiction, and offers the sources for further investigation and self-education for those interested.  It is "the" Af(rican) reference."

For more information on the "African Stock Project" CD, please contact sinbajé

Be sure to visit the BCOA' s newest webpage: "The African Stock Project"


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